'Radiant' Headlamps & Lanterns Help Eyes Adjust, Campers Unwind With 'Moonlight' & 'Flame


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Sep 19, 2023

'Radiant' Headlamps & Lanterns Help Eyes Adjust, Campers Unwind With 'Moonlight' & 'Flame

Nite Ize designed these rechargeable headlamps and lanterns' faint 'moonlight' mode to help eyes adapt. And the lanterns' flame-like flickering amber mode adds ambience around camp. Nite Ize uses

Nite Ize designed these rechargeable headlamps and lanterns' faint 'moonlight' mode to help eyes adapt. And the lanterns' flame-like flickering amber mode adds ambience around camp.

Nite Ize uses rechargeable power for its Radiant headlamps and lanterns. The Radiant family of products is diverse, but these latest additions are made with outdoor recreation in mind.

The RH1 and RH2 Radiant headlamps are both powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery yet offer different styles of lighting. The headlamps use independent dual-button control so you can tailor the right mix of spot and flood lights. That takes away some guesswork, and clicks, to get the right kind of beam for your situation.

The RL2 and RL3 lanterns also differ in power and backup capabilities, with some ambient light options for your campsite.

Below, we walk you through the capabilities of these lighting products and help you decide which is best for your style of adventure.

If you browse the bestselling gear from Nite Ize, you’ll find lots of smaller items that tend to solve an issue. The brand has handy and widely adjustable Gear Ties for staying organized, dog collar and leash LED lighting, lots of carabiners, and more. But lighting solutions still drive the brand and it makes flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and the like.

When choosing between headlamps, it’s not just a matter of more lumens or longer runtimes. There are differences in beam strength, modes, recharge times, and durability.

Nite Ize designed these headlamps to turn on in low mode to make it easier for eyes to adapt to the change in lighting.

The PowerSwitch tech means the headlamps can run on the included rechargeable, removable lithium-ion battery pack or on three AAA alkaline batteries for backup. Both headlamps have adjustable straps, and the lamp body tilts up to 90 degrees for greater control over where the beam goes.

The RH1’s 600 lumens include spotlight and floodlight beams with independent dual-button control over those modes, as well as red and white LEDs. The RH2 maxes out at 700 lumens and adds a flashing red light to the modes found in the RH1.

Both can recharge via micro-USB in 3.5 hours and have battery-saving lockout modes to prevent accidentally turning them on.

Both headlamps share many features, and yet the type of light they provide sets them apart. For instance, the RH1 can run on Low Spot (163 lumens) for 11 hours, which is a brighter low beam that lasts 3 hours longer than the RH2. Meanwhile, the RH2 offers more output, higher waterproof and drop ratings, and weighs a few grams less.

Deciding which fits your most common needs depends on whether you’re most likely to use a headlamp around camp or like hitting the trails while it’s still dark, no matter the weather.

Both of these rechargeable lanterns have six modes of white or amber lighting and a lockout feature to prevent accidental activation.

Moonlight mode produces the softest 5-lumen glow, and high mode cranks out 400 or 500 lumens of white light, depending on the model. There are also two amber light modes for ambience: a constant glow or a flicker mode for flame-like vibes without all the smoke.

The major difference comes in the output of the RL3 in the three white light modes and its extended runtime thanks to its ability to switch over to battery (AA) power once the lithium battery dips below 10%.

Both lanterns recharge via USB-C and can pass on some juice to other devices (like a phone) while on the go.

The Radiant RL2 Rechargeable Lantern cranks up to 400 lumens and recharges in approximately 3.5 hours. High mode produces 400 lumens for more than 6 hours of bright, broad lighting. Moonlight mode is only 5 lumens and can last for days. This lantern is suited to the needs of car camping or entertaining outdoors.

For backcountry camping or emergency backup, consider the greater power and lifespan of the RL3. The Radiant RL3 PowerSwitch Lantern maxes out at 500 lumens and recharges in 6 hours. Status lights indicate when it has fully charged, and they blink red when running on reserve.

High mode produces 500 lumens for 10 hours, or more than 20 hours when three new AA batteries are used as a backup.

The brand began in 1989 when CEO and founder Rick Case had a mishap while fishing and was inspired to create a functional solution. While fiddling with some gear, he held his mini flashlight in his mouth. Soon enough, the flashlight fell into the water below him, still shining.

It gave him the idea to develop a mini flashlight holder, a product that’s still available at Nite Ize. Case is still at the helm of the brand and keeps its focus on making inventor-driven products that create solutions to everyday problems, organize and protect your gear, and light up your life.

Nite Ize now distributes more than 500 products worldwide. The brand stands behind these with its customer service and Worry-Free Guarantee.

This article is sponsored by Nite Ize. Check out its extensive range of outdoor products and accessories.

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