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Jun 16, 2023

9 Best Solar Lights for Yards and Walkways in 2023

If your yard or garden receives plenty of sunshine throughout the day, solar lights are the perfect lighting solution for it. They recharge during the day and provide the necessary illumination after

If your yard or garden receives plenty of sunshine throughout the day, solar lights are the perfect lighting solution for it. They recharge during the day and provide the necessary illumination after dusk, saving money and energy in the long run. We have meticulously gone through the available options out there, and have compiled a list of the best solar pathway lights.

These solar lights are not too expensive and don’t require much maintenance in the long run. You simply need to ensure that they receive enough sunlight to recharge and clean the panels regularly.

So if you are in the market looking for quality solar lights for yards and walkways, here are our top recommendations. But before that,


The Aootek solar lights are one of the least expensive options on this list and feature a nifty parameter—they are motion-sensitive. By default, they do not stay on at night and switch on when triggered. These solar lights are super bright and come with over 150 LEDs in each light.

The Aootek lights let you experiment with two additional modes. You can either choose to keep them on all night. Or, you can turn them on in a low brightness setting. Interestingly, they will automatically turn brighter when they detect motion. The only limitation is that you will have to choose the mode before you mount them since the Mode button is not easily accessible.

They are not the traditional walkway lights. However, their weatherproof nature makes them perfect to be used on low walls next to walkways and pathways that receive adequate sunlight.

That said, these solar lights are easy to install. They work as advertised and light up the yard or driveway brightly. They are weatherproof and rated to be safe from water, dust, and extreme heat. Naturally, these Aootek solar lights are popular on Amazon due to their price, performance, and nifty motion sensor.


If your smart home is based on the Ring ecosystem, you may want to check out the Ring Solar Path Light. It’s a simple solar light with a motion sensor. However, the real hero of this solar light is remote access. When connected to the Ring Bridge or an Echo Show 10 (bought separately), you’ll be able to customize the light’s brightness and motion sensitivity.

Unlike most solar lights, you don’t have to open the panel of each light to change the color. Instead, you can do the same from the comfort of your smartphone or smart assistant. Smart!

And as you may already have guessed, if you do not already have Ring products or a smart home hub like the Echo Show, they will definitely add to the cost. That said, the Ring solar pathway light has a good design and is long enough to light pathways well when lit. But at the end of the day, it’s a tad expensive for a single product.


The Signature LED Solar Walkway lights tick off all the right boxes. For one, they are bright and weather resistant. Secondly, for almost the same price, you get a set of eight lights which should be enough to light half of your garden. And yes, this company is known for its helpful customer service.

The lights work as advertised and provide enough illumination. Of course, these pathway lights are not as strong as yard floodlights, but they get the work done. They need full sun exposure to work well. And unlike the ones above, they do not have any modes built into them.

On the upside, the Signature walkway lights are durable. In fact, a user has commented that their lights have worked well for close to four years. And when some of the units stopped working, the company was quick to replace them. Plus, for the price, they are one of the brightest solar path lights.

These solar lights for yards and walkways are popular and have accumulated positive reviews for their customer service. They are responsive and quick to help in case of any needs.


Up next, we have Baxia Technology’s solar light for yards. It brings in all the essential features such as built-in motion sensors, a waterproof build, and a clever design. Most importantly, you get four lights in a single package and the same price. Like the Aootek lights, they are designed to be used on low walls or against facades next to gardens.

These are high Lumen lights and at 2,000 Lumens, they are bright to light up your yard. Though they are priced a little above the other yard lights, they do not have any built-in modes.

Despite their shortcomings, the Baxia lights are popular on Amazon and have received a good amount of reviews for their easy installation process and brightness.


Another cool solar outdoor pathway lighting is to invest in cool lights that throw a neat pattern on the path or walkway. The Urago solar lights come in a pack of 10 and throw a lovely Mandala pattern on the ground.

The lights are bright (for solar lights) and each light gives up to 4 Lumens. At the same time, they can be installed with the poles or staked directly on the ground. The built-in battery is decent. As long as the panels receive direct sunlight, the lights should stay lit throughout the night.

At the same time, the auto On/Off feature adds to the convenience. Note that there’s no motion sensor and they will come on automatically when it gets dark. The URAGO solar pathway garden lights are popular and they have gained significant popularity. Users have lauded the durability, easy installation process, and beautiful patterns.


Another set of solar-based pathway lights that you can consider is the ones by Letmy. And the factor that helps these distinguish from the rest is their helpful customer service. They are quick to respond and replace defective parts (in case you receive any). And well, these bright lights can be placed next to sidewalks, and they will surely help uplift the looks of your garden.

Unlike the ones above, they don’t cast a mandala-like design on the ground. In fact, the clear housing creates a warm ambiance around, and this is a huge plus.

Again, the battery life is decent. As long as they receive direct sunlight and the panel stays clear of dust and debris, the lights should stay on throughout the night. If you are looking for a classic design, then the Letmy solar lights are worth a peek.


The Solpex landscape lights bring in a fairly modern design. These are cylindrical lights with a top hat, and the odds are that they will blend well into most modern homes and gardens. They are quite compact and should blend easily into most gardens.

The Solpex landscape lights come in three different color ways. You can pick the popular Warm White or Cold White. Or, if you are in the mood to experiment, you can go with colorful lights as well.


The Beau Jardin solar pathway lights are more expensive than the ones above and are the ones for you if you want premium garden lights. They come with high-end features like a frosted glass exterior and a stainless steel body. Moreover, the lights throw an interesting pattern on the ground.

At 10 Lumens, they provide gorgeous lighting. When fully charged, they stay lit almost through the night. And several users have backed this claim in their reviews.

The high price tag brings a solid construction to the table, compared to the ones above. They are durable and are easy to install. All you need to do is stake them to the ground, and that’s about it.


The Tommy Bahama Solar LED Pathway lights are a little more expensive than their competitors. However, if you are looking for unique solar pathway lights to transform your pathways and garden, then these are precisely what you are looking for.

The neat branch-like design creates neat patterns on the parts and walkways, and as such creates a warm ambiance. The installation process is pain-free for these metal solar pathway lights and doesn’t require much time. That said, the lights are bright, and each light provides a high lumen (for solar lights).

Alternatively, you can check out the TomCare solar lights. These project similar branch-like patterns on the ground and can be staked to the ground. Interestingly, these are inexpensive compared to the ones above.

Buy TomCare Solar Lights

These were some of the best solar pathway lights that you can buy. While solar lights are a great way to save on your utility bills, you’ll also need to take the needed care. For instance, the panel needs to stay clear of dust and other dirt to perform its best.

So which one of these will you buy?

Last updated on 16 August, 2023

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